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PHB Public Affairs is a consultancy that I established after thirty-three years in the public sector. I enjoy working for my public and private sector clients at the nexus of public policy and commercial transportation operations. The facets are many: governance, environment, public interest, commercial opportunity, international commerce, infrastructure, economic development, finance, domestic mobility, innovation, and homeland security.

The public port sector, where I spent much of my career, exists primarily to advance and facilitate commerce. Federal departments and agencies—such as Commerce, Transportation, Army Corps of Engineers, and Customs & Border Protection—and their programs serve a similar purpose, even as they may also regulate. The private sector engages in commerce, creates opportunities, and can do so in ways that provide public benefits. My combined experiences in Washington, D.C. have instilled in me a strong appreciation for creative solutions and skilled management in both sectors:

  • Legislative Assistant to a Member of Congress
  • Legislative Aide in a Governor’s Washington Office
  • Washington Representative for The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Principal of PHB Public Affairs

Over the years I have been actively involved in a range of policy and program issues covering land, sea and air modes of transportation.

I have developed working relationships in congressional and executive branch offices—with persons of both political parties—and in trade associations and embassies that reside in and around the District of Columbia.

I have served on project teams, working with civil and environmental engineers, attorneys, economic analysts, logistics professionals, and communications specialists.

I have been privileged to serve on national and professional advisory panels, have addressed industry and association audiences, and have led coalition efforts. When I formed the Washington Port Representatives group it was to amplify the collective voice of ports, encourage collaboration on shared interests, and coordinate with the American Association of Port Authorities. Thirty plus years later the ports network in Washington is strong and the collaboration continues.

My affiliations and memberships include The Ferguson Group LLC, the American Association of Port Authorities, Maritime & Transport Logistics Advisors LLC, the Transportation Research Board, the Eno Center for Transportation, and the Propeller Club of Washington, D.C.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul H Bea Jr


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